THE WORLD SOCCER PROJECT (WSP) is an international soccer association that is creating adult soccer leagues around the world for two major purposes: (1) to provide a fun, safe, competitive, and highly organized environment for adult players of all levels, (2) to help support local and global education initiatives for under-served children.

We take soccer seriously and work hard and meticulously to bring players the best product possible. But we work even harder at using soccer as a means to an end: to help improve opportunities for under-served children. There is a lot that goes on behind the on-field soccer scene at The World Soccer Project, and we can always use the help of volunteers.

To play in our leagues, please see our Games & Events page for locations, dates, times, etc. If you'd like to speak to someone about playing in our leagues or about volunteering on our projects, please call us at 718-770-7371.

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WSP's adult leagues are structured to generate funds for underserved children's education from the following sources: player registration fees; advertising; merchandise sales; post-game functions; and private donations. 

In NEW YORK CITY, WSP is working with THE FUND FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS to help improve sports programming and facilities in underfunded schools. And WSP does much more than donate funds: We'll be adding value to our donations in 2010 by volunteering in most of the projects we're financially helping to support. Please see The Cause for more information. Contact us to volunteer on our projects!


 All of our leagues - in every city we're running them - will also provide a portion of their proceeds to the Steve Nash Foundation, which works to improve health and education for underserved children in Africa, Latin America, and North America. Steve Nash is not only an MVP-winning NBA star but an avid soccer fan and active player. Make an assist to his foundation by playing in WSP leagues. See The Cause and stevenash.org for more information.


For the latest information about where our leagues are running in NYC, please see our GAMES & EVENTS page.


What's different about our leagues?


Our goal is to 'professionalize' recreational soccer. In NYC and elsewhere, we're developing leagues to the highest standards possible. For example, in NYC, we're offering players the following such benefits:

USASA Membership - by playing in WSP leagues, all players become members of The United States Amateur Soccer Association (USASA), which provides some of the following player-benefits (and more).

Player Insurance (accident coverage) - WSP is the only recreational soccer league in NYC that is affiliated with the USASA, which provides primary and secondary accident coverage to its members. Contact us for details about the nature of the coverage offered through your USASA membership or click here to view the USASA insurance information page.

Top Quality Match Officials - your USASA membership means we're permitted to use USSF and FIFA certified referees. [Leagues without this national affiliation cannot legally use officials who've been licenced to referee in the US.]

Offical Match Balls - each game starts with the official match ball used by the NCAA or the Women's Professional League (WPL). We'll also have multiple Adidas World Cup Jabulani Glider Match Ball Replicas for each game, so that valuable playing time is not lost to waiting around for when the match ball happens to have been booted far out of play.

Fair Play Policy - in order to provide a safer, more enjoyable time on the pitch, we've the most sophisticated fair play policy in NYC (see our By-laws and Regulations page).

WSP is a "Players' Organization" - team captains can provide formal input into how our league is run during WSP's biannual meetings (see our By-laws and Regulations page). And we welcome informal input any time from any player.

Technology - we'll soon be introducing intuitive, interactive team pages, including team and league blogs (and much more).


Our leagues are structured to contribute significantly and directly to local charities for children in need. We're donating funds - not the minimum amount needed to benefit taxes but a percentage of our gross from registration fees and advertising (four times a year, at the end of each 10-week soccer season). And we're also working as volunteers in some of our charity partners' projects to help add value to the funds we donate.

For example, in NYC, player registration fees will support the development of new facilities and programming in NYC's underfunded public schools - through our ground-breaking and exclusive cooperative partnership with THE FUND FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS.



WSP fees are just $99 per player, per season - that's much less expensive than registration fees in NYC's other major recreational soccer leagues. Moreover, we run full-hour games, and we guarantee 9 to 10 games per season. And for an additional, annual fee of just $25 (which you pay just once per year), you'll have USASA membership, which carries several benefits (e.g., we can use the best referees available for our games, and you receive accident coverage when playing in our leagues).


We take game-play seriously but also realize that there's as much - if not more - to be gained by helping to bring people together off the pitch. Have a look at our Games and Events page for information about where WSP social events will take place before and after games. And what better way to get to know one another better than by VOLUNTEERING in one of our NYC school soccer projects!


* For the latest information about our leagues, charitable causes and social events, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER under 'Sign Up!' (see the right margin of this page).